UHF Radio Accessories

AXIS Black ABS UHF Microphone Holder Adhesive type
76% OFF RRP $16.90
AXIS Factory Pretuned 4.5dB Fibreglass Whip Full Braid 64cm UHF Antenna
29% OFF RRP $35.00
GME BCV001 Vehicle Cigarette Lighter Trickle Charger Suits TX6200 & TX7200
17% OFF RRP $59.95
GME BCV007 DC Lead 12V Vehicle Lighter Suits TX685 & TX6150 charge via Desktop Cradle
36% OFF RRP $27.95



75% OFF RRP $19.90
Plastic Microphone Bracket clip for UHF Radio
20% OFF RRP $22.95
1600mAh Li-ion Battery Pack (Suits - TX675/677)
22% OFF RRP $60.00
AXIS 100Amp ANL Hi-Current Fuse Pack of 2 ANL Fuse Suits Extreme Current Flow Situations
60% OFF RRP $19.90
AXIS 2-Pin Detachable DC Power cable
55% OFF RRP $19.90
AXIS 3-PIN DC Power cable for UHF radio CB3
60% OFF RRP $20.00
AXIS 45mm Stainless steel Wrap around Bull Bar Mount
35% OFF RRP $39.90
AXIS 477MHz UHF Antenna base 5/16 Stud AM98
8% OFF RRP $25.00
AXIS 50Watt 100x100mm 2Way Box Speakers with Mounting Brackets
11% OFF RRP $44.00
AXIS Aluminium Mirror Mount with 4bolts and Nuts
48% OFF RRP $25.00
AXIS AMX3  27MHz marine antenna kit - white 1m Nylon Lift/Lay Base With Levelling Plate
9% OFF RRP $65.00