Service Aids

Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner Tinner 15g
48% OFF RRP $24.90
150g Tube Silicone Heatsink Compound
20% OFF RRP $35.00
1.6mm 1kg Roll 60/40 Leaded Solder
14% OFF RRP $80.00
10g Syringe Silicone Heatsink Compound
82% OFF RRP $19.90
Bulk Lot 11mm Glue Sticks For Large Gun 45Pack
28% OFF RRP $24.90
Chemtools Ultrasonic Wash PCB Wash Defluxing Solution 1 Litre
13% OFF RRP $18.95
Conductive Carbon Grease 50g

Conductive Carbon Grease 50g


47% OFF RRP $18.90



9% OFF RRP $72.90
Fire Retardant Fibreglass Blanket 1.2m x 1.8m
38% OFF RRP $39.95
Lead Acid Battery Conditioner

Lead Acid Battery Conditioner


Lead Free Solder 1mm 200g Roll

Lead Free Solder 1mm 200g Roll


17% OFF RRP $29.95
NEW Chemtools Potting Compound Silicon 200gm PCT-7000
26% OFF RRP $38.95
NEW Tip Tinner High Strength 20gm
6% OFF RRP $25.00
PCB Etching Kit to etch a circuit board
30% OFF RRP $39.90
Professional Cable Tie Gun 160MM with Tension Dial
13% OFF RRP $39.00
Pros kit Magnetic Service Mat 25 x 20cm Includes whiteboard marker
32% OFF RRP $20.00
Pros Kit Spring Hook For removing and refitting miniature springs
28% OFF RRP $18.00