Television Accessories

Kingray Masthead Kit Combined VHF - UHF Antenna LTE Filtering F Type Connections
25% OFF RRP $92.90
Pro2 HDMI HDCP2.2 TO HDCP1.4 Converter 4K2K 3D Compatible 5V 1A powersupply
19% OFF RRP $92.90
Rubber Turntable Belt 195mm Diameter
47% OFF RRP $27.90
2400MHz 4W Professional Digital TV Splitter
74% OFF RRP $28.90
Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter & Receiver
33% OFF RRP $93.90
Digitech Digital TV Signal Strength Meter Multiple Trips up to Roof
29% OFF RRP $55.95
Kingray MHU25F 25DB UHF Masthead'F' Type With LTE/4G Filtering
35% OFF RRP $72.90
Sunwave SRC-3200 Universal 8 in 1 Learning Remote Control with 7 different Backlight
18% OFF RRP $132.90

DIGITECH Stereo Amplifier Wall Plate 2x15WRMS output power with Bluetooth Audio
44% OFF RRP $97.79
 HDMI RF Digital DVB-T Loop Through Modulator
12% OFF RRP $778.90
'F' Plug To 1X 'F' Socket & 1X Pal Socket White

'F' Plug To 1X 'F' Socket & 1X


47% OFF RRP $27.90
'V' Block Standard

'V' Block Standard


65% OFF RRP $27.90
1.4M Curved Fascia Mast Galvanised Hills
17% OFF RRP $47.90
1.8M Curved Fascia Mount Hockey Stick Australian Made
17% OFF RRP $47.90
1.8M Free To Air Gutter Mount

1.8M Free To Air Gutter Mount


15% OFF RRP $52.90
1.8M Rafter Antenna Mount Australian Made
17% OFF RRP $47.90
1.8M Universal Roof Mount With Hex Head Digitek Unimount
16% OFF RRP $82.90