Hand tools

Nut Driver Set Nut Driver Metric HEX Socket Set
25% OFF RRP $19.99
10 Piece Needle File Kit  integrated plastic handles
25% OFF RRP $19.99
32% OFF RRP $16.00
3 In 1 Digital Stud Finder Distance Readout & Bargraph
12% OFF RRP $44.50
62 Piece Micro Drivers Ratchet With Security Tips Magnet Drill Adapter Socket
16% OFF RRP $56.00
Air Duster Non Flammable Aerosol 283g
23% OFF RRP $21.50
Anti Static Elastic Wrist Strap 3M/10FT extended
22% OFF RRP $22.95
Anti Static Wrist Strap coiled lead and banana plug alligator clip
26% OFF RRP $18.95
Anti-static Work Place Desk Mat ideal for anyone who manufactures repairs or services
29% OFF RRP $30.80
Automatic Center Punch New

Automatic Center Punch New


Digital LCD Metal Vernier Calipers Internal and external measuring jaws
7% OFF RRP $59.00
F Type Removal Tool quality connection, and a solid grip to unscrew the most stubborn plug
16% OFF RRP $26.00
Freezer Spray Non Flammable Aerosol 283g
19% OFF RRP $26.95
Hand Assist Tools Scribes Hooks Blades Brushes For Repairing And Servicing Premium Quality
28% OFF RRP $18.00