Test Equipment

Universal All in One LCD Battery Tester for AAA AA C D 9V CR123A CR2 2CR5 Button Cells
32% OFF RRP $35.00
Doss RJ45 Lan Cable Tester Length Faults Locator & Automatically time-delay shut off
12% OFF RRP $112.90
Non-contact AC Voltage Detector

Non-contact AC Voltage Detector


40% OFF RRP $41.90
Protech Multifunction Display Analogue Multimeter Continuity Buzzer
36% OFF RRP $46.90
Solar Power Meter Optimise solar panel installation
43% OFF RRP $121.90
Spike Probe Thermometer

Spike Probe Thermometer


12% OFF RRP $25.95
0 - 1A MU45 Panel Meter - Moving Coil Type
44% OFF RRP $31.90
Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter Auto Ranging Digital Multimete
2% OFF RRP $40.95
DIGITAL MULTIMETER with Temperature Capacitance
28% OFF RRP $67.90
DIGITECH Exhaust Gas Oxygen Fuel Mixture 10 LED Display Module
71% OFF RRP $16.90
Digitech Multi-Function Cat III Multimeter Data Hold Back Light Pushbutton
25% OFF RRP $66.90
Economy Autorange Multimeter with Non-Contact Voltage Sensor Detected Voltage
33% OFF RRP $41.90
GoldTool Coax Cable Pocket Pen Toner Continuity Tester with LED Indicator
15% OFF RRP $52.90
Handy Digital Thermometer With K Type Thermocouple With LCD display
21% OFF RRP $56.90
Heavy Duty Jumper Test Lead Kit 10 Leads
52% OFF RRP $26.90
High Quality Banana Piggyback Test Leads
36% OFF RRP $46.90
Jumbo Display In-Out Thermometer AA Shape Relative Humidity Memory Function
46% OFF RRP $36.90
Lan Tester & Multimeter Compo DMM - DOSS
13% OFF RRP $102.90
Logic Probe With Burst Memory

Logic Probe With Burst Memory


11% OFF RRP $61.49
Logic Pulser Injector Probe

Logic Pulser Injector Probe


10% OFF RRP $51.75
Lutron Single Channel Thermometer Suitable  K/J/R/E/T thermocouple probe types
4% OFF RRP $113.95
Mbeat Gorilla Power Dual Port USB-C Car Charger With Cigarette Lighter Splitter
17% OFF RRP $47.90