10W Ultra-Thin LED Panel Roof Light, ,215mm, Cool White
8% OFF RRP $64.95
6W Ultra Thin Dimmable LED Recessed Ceiling Panel Down Lamp Warm/Cool Light AO
13% OFF RRP $39.95
8W Folding Rechargeable LED Work Light up to 750 lumens for up to 2 hours run time
6% OFF RRP $90.00
8W Ultra-Thin LED Panel Roof Light,165mm, Cool White
10% OFF RRP $49.95
Book reading light 2 LED Fire Fly FlexVue AAA battery
25% OFF RRP $19.95
Emergengy Light Floating LED Strobe Light Flare with Magnetic Base for Boating Enthusiast
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FireFly Max 5 LEDs Reading Light FlexVue lighting System
13% OFF RRP $39.95
Heebiejeebies Plasma Ball Tesla's Lamp Learn plasma with this amazing lamp
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Heebiejeebies Wheeler's Optic Fibre Lamp 34cm diameter bring vibrant colours
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LED Desktop portable magnifier magnifying glass lamp
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Outdoor Solar powered Bright 100LED Multi Color String light 15m Auto on
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Outdoor Solar powered Bright LED Multi Color String 10M 50 lights Auto on
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Remote Control Candle Set of 3 vanilla Scent Candles Plastic With Wax New
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Safety Sensory Light
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Spotlight 600Lumen Cree XML LED adjustable beam & recharge batt inc mains car charger
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