19% OFF RRP $42.95
Commercial Grade Doorway Beam

Commercial Grade Doorway Beam


11% OFF RRP $89.95
Learning UHF Remote Control For car Garage door etc
20% OFF RRP $49.95
standard Large Surface Mount Reed Switch White
31% OFF RRP $16.34
 4 Channel Wireless 4MP CCTV Surveillance Package
8% OFF RRP $1,299.00
 Audio Glassbreak Detector With 9m Range For most types of glass
6% OFF RRP $94.95
 Binocular  4*30 Magnification  Field Of View 75 AT 1000M Objectivediameter 30MM Tinted Lenses NEW
39% OFF RRP $26.00
 Economy PIR Detector with 20kg Pet Immunity
31% OFF RRP $39.00
 Fire Blanket 1X1 M  1M X 1M Fire Blanket  An essential safety item for Home, Caravans and Boats NEW
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 Quantum-Q Quad Element Pir - Ness Adjustable Range
11% OFF RRP $44.90
100-228 Mini Sat Satelite Siren Ness Built-in rechargeable backup battery
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1080p 4-In-1 Bullet Camera with IR Weatherproof IP66 rated case and 30 infrared LEDs
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1080p Action Camera with LCD

1080p Action Camera with LCD


1080p Car Event Recorder with 2.7" LCD Display
7% OFF RRP $149.00
1080p Mini 4-In-1 Camera Infrared: 10 x IR LEDs Infrared Range Up to 10m
10% OFF RRP $66.90
12V Flashing Signal lamp  1Watt LED Strobe RED
24% OFF RRP $26.40
12V Infrared Flush Mount Reversing Camera
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12V Warning Lamp For Safety And Emergencies Amber Orange Felt padded magnetic base bonnet or hood placement Rotating globe mirror NEW
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16 Channel Wireless Receiver for WGAP864 100 meters line of sight between detectors & receiver
10% OFF RRP $199.00
16 Channel Wireless Receiver for WGAP864 2 Onboard outputs
4% OFF RRP $272.00