Helping hand PCB Holder third hand with magnifier
30% OFF RRP $32.90
Heebie jeebies handy Field Magnifier boasts 10x magnification and myriad of uses
60% OFF RRP $30.90
Inspect-A-Gadget LED Desk Mount Magnifier 5 Diopter
3% OFF RRP $132.50
Magnifier Head Goggles Ideal for service technicians three levels of magnification
5% OFF RRP $44.95
10x LED Magnifier with Scale

10x LED Magnifier with Scale


36% OFF RRP $46.90
110mm Hands-Free Magnifier Ideal for Intricate Work Easy to Clean
39% OFF RRP $25.35
3 Watt 150 Lumen LED Headband Torch
38% OFF RRP $15.96
3 Watt LED Torch 2 LED Lamp With Headband
12% OFF RRP $25.95
5 Dioptre 100mm Glass Lens to suit QM3552
52% OFF RRP $26.90
5 Dioptre 125mm Glass Lens to suit QM3554
52% OFF RRP $26.90
8 Dioptre 125mm Glass Lens to suit QM3554
46% OFF RRP $36.90
90mm Sturdy Heavy-Duty Helping Hands
23% OFF RRP $21.90
Collapsible Mini Magnifier

Collapsible Mini Magnifier


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Eye Magnifier Checking PC boards looking at Stamps or coins Jewellery
55% OFF RRP $21.90
Folding Desktop Magnifying Glass
55% OFF RRP $21.90
Goose-Neck Lamp Magnetic Base High Brightness white LED
7% OFF RRP $70.95
Heebie Jeebies HandiScope 30X Magnification Handheld Microscope
56% OFF RRP $35.90
Heebie jeebies MiMicro Tiny Pocket sized Microscope 60x Magnification UV Light
45% OFF RRP $49.90
Helping hand with Soldering iron Stand Magnifier LED Light
8% OFF RRP $37.90
Helping Hands 65mm Alligator spring clips 65mm 2x Magnifying glass
25% OFF RRP $19.90