Replacement Power Lead To Suit Engel Fridges Suits Cigarette And Merit Sockets
43% OFF RRP $34.90
0-260VAC Variable Laboratory Autotransfomer (Variac) - 500VA
5% OFF RRP $209.90
0.3 to 30V, 0 to 3.75A Portable Laboratory Power Supply
9% OFF RRP $219.00
12-24V Battery Tester

12-24V Battery Tester


29% OFF RRP $34.95
12/24V 10A Dual Battery PWM Solar Charge Controller with LED Indicator
13% OFF RRP $79.95
12/24V 10A PWM Solar Charge Controller with LED indicator and USB
20% OFF RRP $49.95
12/24V 20A PWM Solar Charge Controller with LED indicator and USB Suitable for 12V and 24V battery banks
13% OFF RRP $79.95
12/24VDC Dual USB Charger with Voltage Display
25% OFF RRP $39.95
120W 240 - 120V Isolated Stepdown Transformer
8% OFF RRP $129.90
12V 1.5W Solar Trickle Charger

12V 1.5W Solar Trickle Charger


25% OFF RRP $39.95
12V 12Ah Jump Starter with 2.4A USB and LED light
7% OFF RRP $139.00
12V 20W Monocrystalline Solar Panel Excellent performance under low light environments
20% OFF RRP $99.90
14L 12VDC Thermoelectric Portable Cooler & Warmer
15% OFF RRP $139.90
150W Cup-Holder Inverter with Dual USB Charging
14% OFF RRP $69.95
24 to12V DC to DC Converter 10A with Cig In & Out
10% OFF RRP $99.95
24HR Mechanical Mains Timer

24HR Mechanical Mains Timer


33% OFF RRP $29.95
400W 12VDC to 230VAC Pure Sine Wave Inverter - Electrically Isolated
7% OFF RRP $319.95
Battery Box With Voltmeter And USB Charge
17% OFF RRP $119.00
Bluetooth Battery Monitor

Bluetooth Battery Monitor


17% OFF RRP $59.95
Electric Fence Energiser 10km Range of fencing for enclosing livestock such as horses
11% OFF RRP $94.95