6AU6 Single Wideband Pentode B7G Base
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 6C45 Pi Electro Harmonix Ultra high precision high MU triode
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 6SN7-EH Electro Harmonix sounding tube
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 6V6-GT Electro Harmonix Beam power tetrode
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 F&T Dual Value Radial Caps  LCR direct replacement type 100RT450 an Axial
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 F&T Dual Value Radial Caps Dual value electrolytic aluminium cans
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1.0g Silicon CPU Heatsink Paste Syringe Resealable CapFor Precise and Easy Application
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12AT7 Electro Harmonix  Dynamic and deep low end response
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12AU7A Electro Harmonix Low microphonics excellent linearity
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12AX7 Sovtek Special Low Noise Edition
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6BM8 ECL82 Electro Harmonix 7w Triode Pentode
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6H30 Pi Sovtek Refined Super linear military spec
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6L6-EH Classic Electro Harmonix RCA Blackplate classic
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7591A Electro Harmonix 19W 450V AMPEG Owners Rejoice
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F&T Dual Value Radial Caps  100RT450 is an Axial type
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KT66 Tung Sol Audiophile Blues breaker
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Servo 4.8V-6V

Servo 4.8V-6V


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Suppressor Capacitor Class X1 Y2 Dual filter cap
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USB Mini Wi-Fi ModuleESP8266EX Compatible with MicroPython Arduino
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